About Us


Our Misssion

Ceebeee Gold Foundation reaches out to the fatherless, motherless,disabled children and the needy in a unique way.

We run Educational programmes for orphans, widows, vulnerable and less privileged people.

We also engage in childrens activites like Talent search, skill development programs  for the less privileged children.

We  create and provide support for environmental protection and preservation, together we can make a better and habitatble world


Who are we?

Ceebee Gold Foundation was Founded by Bola Olayemi in 2014 . She felt the little she can do to help those inneed will make the little difference to the world. Since then , the Foundation has had various projects and more members have joined in.Its never too late to join us and together we can bring smiles to the world


Our Goal

Touching faces with smiles, we believe everybody has the right to enjoy life. In respect of this, we are ready to brighten the darkside of the earthby giving hope to where its lost

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